[EVENT] Com2uS Store MARCH 2023 EVENT

We've prepared 3 special events to
the March of Com2uS Store!

1. 30% Off Shipping Fees for Overseas Customers
2. Decoration Sticker Giveaway Event

【1】 30% Off Shipping Fees for Overseas Customers

Are you hesitating to place an order because of the increased overseas shipping fees? We got you covered!
We'll provide 30% off on shipping fees for overseas customers!


  • Recipient: All overseas customers
  • Benefit: 30% off on shipping fees
  • Period: March. 01th PST - TBA

- This event will be ongoing until further notice, even after the Com2uS Store Grand Opening Special Event ends.
- The benefit only applies to shipping fees. The customer is responsible for any customs duties/import taxes incurred by country.
- Com2uS Store cannot calculate customs duties/import taxes incurred by country. As there are cases where customs duties/import taxes exceed the price of the product, make sure to check with the customs in your country before placing an order.
- Check the Com2uS Store Shipping Fee Policy for more info.

Go to Com2uS Store Shipping Fee Policy▶


【2】 Decoration Sticker Giveaway Event

Limited edition character decoration stickers
will be given to the first 1,000 buyers of the Com2uS Store!

  • Recipient: All buyers
  • Period: March. 01th PST - Until all stickers are exhausted
  • Reward: Character Decoration Sticker Set x1

- 1 Decoration Sticker set will be given per order number.
- As this event is first come, first served, the stickers may run out early. In this case, we'll not be notifying the customers.
- In case of exchange or return, the decoration stickers must be returned together.

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