Minigame Party House Bunny Hooded Blanket Release Event

Greetings from Com2uS!
We're excited to announce a special discount event
to celebrate the Minigame Party
House Bunny Hooded Blanket release.
Please check the event details below.
[Event Details]
* Period: Dec. 28th - Jan. 28th
* Benefit: Receive an immediate $5 discount
on the House Bunny Hooded Blanket,
when you purchase
Minigame Party merchandise worth $40 or more.
- The discount will be automatically applied
to Minigame Party merchandise orders
totaling $40 or more.
- This discount is exclusive
to Minigame Party products
and cannot be applied to items from other IPs.
- It cannot be combined with other discount offers.
Thank you

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