[EVENT] SWC2022 Special Discount Code


Did you enjoy the SWC2022 WORLD FINALS?
To celebrate the SWC2022 WORLD FINALS,
we are giving out a discount code!
(5% off of your purchase)

- Recipient: Those who signed up to the Com2uS Store until Nov. 18th 6:30am PST
- The discount code can be used from Nov. 11th 5pm PST (2022) to Jun. 30th 8:00am PDT (2023)
- How to use: Enter COM2USSTORESWC2022 in the discount code input field at the payment screen of Com2uS Store
- Discount code: COM2USSTORESWC2022
- Details: 5% discount on the purchase cost

* This code cannot be used with another discount code.
* This code can be used not only for the SWC2022 limited goods pre-opening, but also for the official global opening of Com2uS Store in December 2022. 


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