Greetings, everyone! With the grand opening of the Com2uS Store on Jan. 
17th, 2023,
we have had the pleasure of interacting with a great number of you through the Com2uS Store.

We are excited to present you with the recap of Com2uS Store in the first half of 2023!

How many people visited us and which countries did they come from?

Check them out now!

[The data was calculated from Jan. 17th, 2023 to Jun. 25th, 2023]
About 560,000 of you have visited the store.
The number of visits to the store equals the population of a small town.
We ask for your continuous support on the Com2uS Store, which is expanding and receiving positive feedback from customers all over the world.
Thank you to the 31,130 individuals who signed up for the Com2uS Store. Com2uS Store's products and events attract an average of 173 new members every day.
We will return with greater perks in exchange for the interest and love shown at the beginning of the opening.

The product with the most purchases was the Art Book Special Package!

Art Book, Brownie Magician Blanket, Brownie Magician Griptok and Badge (3 types) are something you want to own if you're a fan of Summoners War.

The book contains behind-the-scenes cuts of art designs in the game, which attracted many users.

Please look forward to more products coming in the second half!

How far did the goods make it safely to their owners?

Com2uS Store has shipped products to Asia, America, Europe and East Africa!

We are working hard to improve our overseas delivery, so please stay tuned.

It began with a curiosity about who is a true Com2uS store fan!

$1,212 was paid by a single member!
Thank you so much for your interest.

Com2uS Store is going to put in a lot of effort to provide you with awesome products!

We reviewed the first half of the Com2us Store in 2023.
How was your first half of 2023?
Share your experiences with the Com2uS store and our enjoyable experiences with Com2uS IP!

* This data is based on the data from Shopify's global/Korean stores that support shopping mall operation, and may differ from the actual data.