2024 Happy New Year Event

Greetings from Com2uS!

Thank you for shopping
at Com2uS Store in 2023!
Please look forward to more amazing products
and entertaining events to come in 2024!

We've prepared a special event
to celebrate the new year.
Spend $30 or more
and receive a limited edition Keychain
that hasn't been sold!
This is a first come, first served event.
Don't miss out!

Please check below for the event details.

[Event Details]

* Period: Jan. 1st - Jan. 31st
* Benefit: Spend $30 or higher and,
receive a limited edition keychain

- An Archangel Keychain will be provided
when you spend $30 or more
on Summoners War and Chronicles merch.
- A Gree Keychain will be provided
when you spend $30 or higher
on Minigame Party: Pocket Edition merch.
- A random Keychain will be provided
when you purchase Summoners War, Chronicles,
and Minigame Party merch.
- The benefit will be provided for each order
that matches the set price, and the offer will end
when the product runs out.

Happy New Year!

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