Information on Com2uS Store's June VIP Selection and Delivery of Twin Figure Set Prizes


Thank you for your continued interest in the month of June.

We would like to introduce the VIP members from last June, including those who spent up to 700,000 KRW in a single month.
(Some information is blurred out due to privacy.)


No. ID
1 tu******
2 do******
3 de******
4 ca******
5 me******
6 br******
7 ke******
8 ni******
9 am******
10 pa******
11 ac******
12 ma******
13 sa******
14 pt******
15 ai******
16 ho******
17 an******
18 ga******
19 re******
20 sg******

We have sent out an email to the winners individually.
The emails have been sent to the email you provided when you signed up for the Com2uS Store.
[If there is no response by Jul. 31st, 2023, delivery will be made to the information you provided.]
* Customs duties must be incurred by the member if the shipping destination is outside of Korea.