[Summoners War] Chakram Dancer Figure (Shaina)
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[Summoners War] Chakram Dancer Figure (Shaina)

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1/9 size Chakram Dancer Shaina figure designed with exquisite details.



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Summoners War
Chakram Dancer Shaina
Chakram Dancer Shaina figure reproduced in high quality in 1/9 scale
Detailed, exquisite patterns
Detailed finishing and high-quality painting
Diorama base included
A diorama base is included in the figure.
Create a Chakram Dancer Shaina who enjoys a quick break on the battlefield.
LED emission function
The diorama base for each figure can be easily connected with a magnet,
and the LED light turns on when it is connected.

* The LED lights up only when both Shaina and Maruna figures are connected.
* Batteries purchased separately, 2 AAA batteries per figure

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• Name : Cahrkam Dancer Figure (Shaina)
• Material : PVC, ABS
• Made in China
• Import & Distributed by Com2uS
• C/S : cs_com2us_store@spextrum.net

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